We help your small business grow bigger than you can manage alone.

Who We Work With:

Corestone Consulting helps service professionals, particularly speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants and authors, build their businesses with the help of “virtual staff”. You deserve and need a supportive team that gives you the freedom to focus on your strengths. Your business needs systems that allow it to “run without you”, at least some of the time.  We take care of the management and technical pieces so you can focus on your special gifts.

Our Relationship With Our Clients:

We’re management consultants and freelancers who are not your employees. There’s no overhead costs, no office space needed, no equipment capitol costs to fund. We’re there when you need us, and vanish when you don’t.

Areas We Specialize In:

Online Business Management – If your business is ready to grow, Corestone can provide an Online Business Manager who will partner with you to provide organizational and project management expertise focused on growing your business, while relieving you of overwhelm. Free yourself to create salable content such as seminars, books, ebooks, teleseminars, webinars, CDs or coaching programs, and leave the management to us.

Web Reputation Building – Building your online brand with quality web content and Social Media takes a lot of time. Check out our Web Presence Management to see how we can help you expand your internet influence on a consistent, inexpensive basis. No other product you can buy for the price will do more for your personal or corporate image on the web, and that credibility is a solid long-term strategy for drawing clients to you through organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let’s have a short consultation to help you understand more. It won’t cost you a penny. Call Karilee at (778) 895-2311 and we’ll discuss how we can build your image and brand to bring you more recognition, more clients, and more opportunities.

Virtual Staffing – We can provide a Virtual Assistant who can take on exactly the tasks that most frequently put you in overwhelm. Affiliate Management? Forum Moderation? Customer Care? Email Management? Try a VA for a few hours a week and watch your productivity soar.

Event Staffing – Years of work in producing large events has connected with an amazing “Core Team” who can stage your events effectively. We can hook you up with the right people to make your event a success.

Business Consulting – Corestone offers our clients strategic consulting support focused on nine “core” areas in which growing businesses often outstrip their ability to cope and grow. We begin with an Organizational Effectiveness Analysis and provide a Gap Report which identifies your current status, then work with you to develop a Strategic Plan that details the bridging strategies necessary to reach your vision. After that, we provide solid guidance and effective tools and resources through the implementation phase to ensure you reach your organizational goals.

Personal Business Trainer – Most serious athletes have a Personal Fitness Trainer who gives them technical instruction in how to exercise safely and effectively. They help you choose effective methods to achieve your goals, demonstrate the skills needed, access resources you need, allow you to “practice in their presence” in a supportive environment, make corrections in your technique and help you record your progress towards your goals. That’s exactly what we do as Personal Business Trainers. The focus is a little different from coaching, and typically we’d work in synergy with a business coach you may already be working with.

Why You Want To Work With Us:

Our Senior Consultants have executive-level experience with Life University, Peak Potentials, and other significant organizations in the personal growth and seminar industry. We’ve already helped build a $50 million dollar training business – we know what it takes. We also have a wonderful selection of industry specialists to call upon, who we know can deliver.

Give Yourself A Gift of Freedom:

Write or phone us today. (778) 895-2311