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Welcome To A New Decade

Better Than New Year’s Resolutions Ok, it’s 2010! Shocking as that is, it’s a good time for taking stock. In some area of your life or business, there’s something you want to improve, adjust, or change. Getting More Of What You Want In 2010 Preparation: get two pieces of paper, or index cards, or post-it […]

Are You Meant to Be a Manager?

A bad boss or immediate supervisor is the Number 1 Reason people quit their jobs – poorly managed work groups are on average 50 percent less productive and 44 percent less profitable than well-managed groups.

Start Big, Not Small!

Ok, sounds like contrarian advice. Lots of business books and advisers will tell you to be realistic, start small, limit risk. And that’s all very well in its place. Dreams Are Free However, dreams are free. When you are just beginning, when you are planting the seeds of your future enterprise, take a few moments […]

Overcoming the Urge to Fail

So, here you are with this dream, or better yet, a viable business you’ve started building. In fact, maybe you’re already a success! And yet most businesses fail in their first five years, and although I’d agree with the experts that cash flow is the usual reason, that doesn’t mean that it’s the actual cause. […]

Building Your Team Without Employees

If you are doing all the work in your business yourself, instead of concentrating on your areas of strength, you’ve built a job, not a business. Here’s how to get reliable help without hiring full-time staff, including some sources you may never have heard of.