Reducing Office Politics

Office Politics Can Get Out Of Hand Fast “I hate the office politics here”. Whether you are in a management or staff position, the taint of office politics can sour an otherwise tolerable, or even pleasant job. Office politics breeds back-stabbing, power-brokering, brown-nosing, favoritism and information silos within an organization. Surprisingly, reducing these behaviors can […]

Overcoming the Urge to Fail

So, here you are with this dream, or better yet, a viable business you’ve started building. In fact, maybe you’re already a success! And yet most businesses fail in their first five years, and although I’d agree with the experts that cash flow is the usual reason, that doesn’t mean that it’s the actual cause. […]

Building Your Team Without Employees

If you are doing all the work in your business yourself, instead of concentrating on your areas of strength, you’ve built a job, not a business. Here’s how to get reliable help without hiring full-time staff, including some sources you may never have heard of.