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Your Web Influence Zone drives your recognition in the marketplace, and that is important for several reasons. You need recognition to establish trust. You need exposure to draw potential clients. You need quality content on the web that educates the world about your brand and purpose. You need to become “a little bit famous” in a way that will support all of your activities, now and in the future.

Some people just don’t have the time, the knowledge, the technical skill or the writing ability to create an effective Web Image and expand their Web Influence Zone.

without content you do not really have a site
– John Chow

We provide “ghostwriting” of quality original content in your “voice”, site maintenance, and the assurance that you can “forget” this part of your marketing and have it continue consistently with almost zero effort on your part.

Essential Web Identity/SEO Package

If you have a Blog in place already, this is the solution when you don’t have enough time to contribute consistently and maintain it properly. You pay on a monthly basis, with discounts for quarterly or annual payment. We accept only a few clients, and specialize in working with speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants and authors.

We start by making sure your Blog is aligned with your other marketing and branding, and that we are both clear on the image you want to create and build. We don’t take control away from you – you can post to your Blog yourself at any time, but if you prefer, we can proofread and edit your posts as part of our service.

Whether or not you have time to write, your blog will have at least one new quality post every week, “ghostwritten” on your behalf, in your “voice”, and relevant to your business. Your posts will be found, because all SEO keywords will be in place, and search engine crawlers will be able to find your content. Comments on your blog will be moderated and replied to promptly, so your customers and potential customers won’t feel ignored. And your site will be maintained regularly, so you don’t have to concern yourself with technical stuff.

For full details of the content of this package, go to our Essential Web Identity/SEO Package page.

Deluxe Web Identity/SEO Package:

This package contains everything in the Essential Web Identity/SEO Package, plus a great deal of extra Social Media exposure to help build your site traffic, image and reputation as quickly as possible. If you’ve ever wished you had time to post to Twitter consistently, or regularly maintain a Facebook presence that was interesting and memorable, this package will give you your solution. Coupled with the power of Article Marketing, this package brings it all together – great Blog content for your website, lots of Social Media exposure, and outside links from Article Marketing leading back to your site. It’s simply the best way to build long term, organic traffic to your site while simultaneously building a great image for yourself. Read about all the value you’ll get in the Deluxe Web Identity/SEO Package, and we know you’ll be impressed.

Starter WordPress Web Blog Package

If you don’t have a Blog yet, or perhaps even don’t have a website, this high-value complete setup packageĀ  is definitely something you’ll want to consider. We take care of every component of creating your site and Blog, from getting a domain and web hosting, through installing and configuring WordPress, to tweaking a over a dozen small components that help your site build traffic fast. If you don’t yet have a Blog and have been thinking you should create one to market your seminar, promote your book, publicize your coaching, or simply improve your public image, check out everything you get in our Starter WordPress Web Blog Package. We’re thorough, so you’ll be set up solidly to pull traffic to your site and start building your online image fast.

Call Us to Discuss Your Needs

A confidential telephone consultation won’t cost you a thing. Even if you’re looking for support for only a few months, we can start building your image on the web today. When you find the time to take over, that’s fine with us. We’ll hand over a content-rich, SEO-optimized blog that will support your business for years to come.

Pick up the phone. Your image is worth it. Call Karilee at 778-895-2311.


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